The Beauty of Cultural Products 2

Console Armour is in my opinion a long in waiting product that has been in the pipeline for ages. With today’s installed base of consumer electronics products, personalization of these products is almost an obvious requirement. Now Console Armour is the latest addition to my focus articles on cultural products that will come as a great feature for all Xbox gaming fans. The company retails these products on Image

The Console Armour is just as the name suggest, amour for your Xbox. With a growing sales stream and investor funding to boot Dave Pepper a Computer science graduate has turned messing around with Xbox  consoles in to a full-fledged vanity products company selling customization kits for consoles for all and sundry in the Xbox gaming community. Video gaming is now rivalling network sports television in mind  time amongst the 14-35 year old male age group inadvertently providing a ripe environment for startups such as Console Armour to thrive.

Cultural products in Africa are going to lead media businesses into more growth and profitability as we consume and convert our African in to a modern african society. This organic up take of trends that cultural businesses depend on is the core strength and beauty of selling cultural products. These products are a way of life. They represent core identity components of today’s consumer much the same way a polymer based skin for your iPhone would proclaim your affiliation to a certain team or your liking of a certain motion picture such as the matrix trilogy or avatar.

Much of Africa is in Cultural infancy as a younger generation forms 50% of Africa’s population. The hunger these youths have to reconstruct their identities in the wake of the identity fracture that colonialism left in all African cultures is immense and to feed this hunger cultural products are required en mass as each of these youths grow old and proclaim their ‘new’ way of life to the world. Cultural products are way-of-life products.